Beautiful Delusion

by Jarhead

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released November 30, 2012

Produced and engineered by Jarhead at Dreeman Studios.
Album art by Brendan Lotecki (




Jarhead Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peg City Progressive Death Metal

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Track Name: Satanic Panic
come lie on the couch and let’s talk about your problems
would you be surprised if it’s Satan that has caused them?
hypnotherapy is the key to the subconscious
let’s deceive each other until this fantasy enthralls us
cutting off their fingers and they’re dancing on the graves
creating memories as the dreams come in waves
did you know that in the shadows Satanists run rampant?
the facts are all right here in this COMA pamphlet
Christendom is under siege by witches once again
flying on their brooms and committing wretched sins
murder and assault drugs rape and kidnapping
heavy metal cannibals obsessed with shoplifting
no you don’t remember all the ritual abuse
Satanic mind control is a hard thing to remove
proof is fleeting but we’ve got these anecdotes instead
feeding the hysteria make sure this witch hunt never ends
found a scapegoat
for your fears
put innocent people
in jail for years
remember memories only happen in the present
don’t believe the children, there is no epidemic
don’t believe the experts they just want to go to heaven
demonize thy neighbour that’s the way they think they’ll get in
no you don’t remember all the ritual abuse
Satanic mind control is a hard thing to remove
proof is fleeting but we’ve got these anecdotes instead
feeding the hysteria make sure this witch hunt never ends
Track Name: Two Questions
are we on the right path?
every year gets a little worse I’m fucking dying
are we on the right drugs?
every day gets better man I’m fucking dying
a literary high
this is not an identity
obituaries lie
let me file my own report
we’re on our own
embrace this decade
god is dead
anomic moments
for your dissection
on the right path
god is dead
the righteous burden
to bleed the years
on the right path
on the right path
god is dead
defeatist rhetoric attached
advantage to the ones who never faced interrogation
to quantify this weight
I deny myself the clarity of ignorance
a nihilist enabler
we are orphans now, cling together
I hate to love my neighbour
but we must destroy your callous isolation
you seem distracted
by my reaction
the inquisition
of your pet faction
you’re taking action
you’re gaining traction
but we’re the bastards
that lost the fascist
this is how we cease to be
feel the enemy inside me
feel the anomie we call free
ingest, inhale, just fail
read on and breathe this crisis...
feeding the parasite
your decade becomes mine
there is nowhere to hide
in the hell of your mind
Track Name: Beautiful Delusion
parasite afflicted with nihilism
certain things remain of my lost convictions
fantasies dreamt from inside a prison
days when I could still reach out and touch that vision
descending slowly among the jaded dreamers
there was a time when I could see such creatures
nostalgic minds fail to recall her features
try to remember how you came to believe this
incorporeal boredom
not enough for me
it’s the intolerable presence
of things unseen
an invisible dragon
she lives in my garage
beautiful delusion
grasping at straws
baptise me
in your fire
cold apathy
face the dragonslayer
face reality
why can’t you see?
Track Name: The Doom That Came To Me In The Shower
adrift on this lake of recycled prose
thirst gets forgotten and thoughts decompose
do you think they’re aware which liquid they chose?
fed by no stream and out of which no stream flows
inspiring stagnation with old thoughts to think
led by a dream that out of which no dream grows
they promised sweet wine and water for their foes
yet for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink
then the good news was described to me
to a t you are the hempy brain in the empty grave
the crazy phase
to a tree you’re an accessory
a curious burden to hang on me
Christ in absentia
got tired of genocide
water into wine
appeasement for lies?
mana from heaven
swells in my throat
exhaled my psyche
lungs filled with smoke
Track Name: Dreaming In Five Dimensions
omni... know-it-all
sick simulation thou creates
kills time fills space
mock us, dictator
seduced by futile hope escape
your selfish game
citizen, citizen
free yourself from your sin
preset entanglement
citizen, citizen
forget our blood and skin
witness enlightenment
primate, decaying
engineer minds built to escape
this ape-shaped cage
molecules colliding
galaxies explode as thoughts race
across expanding space
citizen, citizen
ignorance wearing thin
tear this fearful world apart
citizen, citizen
I believe we will win
hold the candle in the dark
Track Name: Clutter The Glinds
the retina detaches from the answers it finds
batten down the hatches, clutter the glinds
miscreant, deviant defect
nothing deserves my respect
i didn’t see where my mydriasis went
when I was a child (in the aorist tense)
I had been lost all winter
working backwards from the conclusion
hard to see the footsteps in the snow
‘cause I don’t think I’ve walked there yet
dispatch come in, this be a sinner
I’ve seen the beginner’s eyes reflect the void in mine
I guess that’s how you pick a winner
it was them all along...
they had been lost behind the dripline
what passed for light in a place like that?
do you see what little I see?
it all fits in a song
my virtuous humour destroyed by a vitreous tumour
I won’t suffer with these children in the dark
can my confident mockery repair this tear?
generations together we shall see
we had been lost amidst the trauma
but reattached anteriorly
care much for the way we see things now?
care much for what’s real and what’s not?
...the transcript bled one last request
please clarify the design of these eyes of mine
two receptacles burned black from decades of abuse
an obsession with reality
so pinch yourself periodically
but I guarantee these sore-eyed sights aren’t make believe
to avert your gaze from this state of being is pure sophistry
don’t you dare turn away
Track Name: Anti-Prostrate
to be gods
gods among men
relatively speaking, ethical dichotomies endure
the trespass and the sin
in our divine council over arbitrary earthly affairs
modern tombs forgotten in their infancy:
the Babi Yar ravine, the pits of Ponary
days decay
surreal serialized
don’t pray
they’ll just die
when we swore on their graves: remember where they lay
feign surprise: the ashen wake of Janjaweed
once again in the sand
inaction run amuck
don’t pray
they’ll just die