Clutter The Glinds

from by Jarhead

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the retina detaches from the answers it finds
batten down the hatches, clutter the glinds
miscreant, deviant defect
nothing deserves my respect
i didn’t see where my mydriasis went
when I was a child (in the aorist tense)
I had been lost all winter
working backwards from the conclusion
hard to see the footsteps in the snow
‘cause I don’t think I’ve walked there yet
dispatch come in, this be a sinner
I’ve seen the beginner’s eyes reflect the void in mine
I guess that’s how you pick a winner
it was them all along...
they had been lost behind the dripline
what passed for light in a place like that?
do you see what little I see?
it all fits in a song
my virtuous humour destroyed by a vitreous tumour
I won’t suffer with these children in the dark
can my confident mockery repair this tear?
generations together we shall see
we had been lost amidst the trauma
but reattached anteriorly
care much for the way we see things now?
care much for what’s real and what’s not?
...the transcript bled one last request
please clarify the design of these eyes of mine
two receptacles burned black from decades of abuse
an obsession with reality
so pinch yourself periodically
but I guarantee these sore-eyed sights aren’t make believe
to avert your gaze from this state of being is pure sophistry
don’t you dare turn away


from Beautiful Delusion, released November 30, 2012
Music: JP Malo / Justin Gaudry
Lyrics: Jerry Rombough




Jarhead Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peg City Progressive Death Metal

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